mug1 S3 [mʌg] n
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: Probably from a Scandinavian language]
1.) a tall cup used for drinking tea, coffee etc
a coffee mug
2.) a large glass with a handle, used especially for drinking beer
a beer mug
3.) mug/mugful of sth
a mug and the liquid inside it
Two mugs of tea, please.
4.) BrE spoken informal someone who is stupid and easy to deceive
Only a mug would pay that much for a meal.
5.) be a mug's game
BrE spoken to be something that only stupid people do because it is not likely to be successful or to bring you money
Gambling is a mug's game.
6.) spoken informal a face
Something scared him. Probably your ugly mug !
mug 2
mug2 v past tense and past participle mugged present participle mugging
1.) [T]
to attack someone and rob them in a public place
A lot of people won't go out alone at night because they're afraid of being mugged.
2.) [i]AmE informal to make silly expressions with your face or behave in a silly way, especially for a photograph or in a play
mug for
All the kids were mugging for the camera.
mug up phr v
informal to try to learn something in a short time, especially for an examination
= ↑swot up mug up on
Jeannie can't come. She's busy mugging up on science for her exam.
mug sth<=>up
Mug up as much as you can about the country before your trip.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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